Winter is upon us! And the homeless need help in staying warm.

The homeless are always in need of the following: clean, new, warm socks (men, women and child sizes), hats, gloves, scarves. (Hats, gloves, scarves can be used in good condition.) If you have any you can donate to them through our Food Bank, they would be greatly appreciated. You can bring them by the Food Bank at 611 20th Avenue South in Seattle (across from St. Mary’s Church) from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. Many thanks for helping the homeless stay warm this winter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our tables to yours.

And thank you for all you have done to make Thanksgiving brighter and tastier for those in need in Seattle!


The Staff, Board of Directors and Volunteers of The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s

You just never know how close hunger is …

We give food to families, the homeless, the elderly, children. We even give formula and diapers for infants. You get it. We always appreciate your help and donations.

Putting a face on those we feed becomes a blur after awhile. Not because you no longer care. I know you know the need is there. I give you a gentle reminders that the need continues to be real.

A few weeks ago I gave a tour to a group of high school students who wanted to understand the problems of the needy. I was told they were from affluent families and most had never been in contact with the poor. I polled them at the start of the tour. A few had volunteered at a food bank in the past but had not been in direct contact with a client. One or two admitted to knowing someone who had to rely on food bank food. I explained that we do not ask for income verification. Anyone who comes to our door is served.

I talked about our Walk-In program, Home Delivery, Feeding Hungry Children, Baby Corner, Toddler Bags, Mobile Food Bank, and the No Cook Bags for our homeless clients. I then put them “on the line” to hand out food to clients so they could get a real sense of the people we actually serve. One of the students took me aside an told me that he is homeless and is sleeping on couches of different families until he could figure out how to be on his own. His family had sent him to Seattle to live with a relative. For whatever reason, that didn’t work out and now he is “couch surfing.” How is this possible for a minor, still in high school, with family on the other coast?

I didn’t ask. We don’t ask. We serve. He asked if he was able to take a No Cook bag. I asked one of our volunteers to help him. He stuffed his backpack full of food, thanked me, and off he went. I wondered about him all weekend long. What happens when he wears out his welcome on the couch?

I emailed the teacher who set up the tour from his school. Without breaking confidentiality, I was told that the teachers were working on his status but had to rely on human services to get him the help he needs. Human services? That’s us, that’s you, that’s me.

With the holidays just around the corner, I’m giving you the gentle reminder that we never know who is really in need. We don’t just help during the holidays. The Food Bank is open year around, six days a week feeding families, the homeless, the elderly, children …

Blessings to all, now and always,

Alison A. Pence, Director

Public Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:

611 20th Ave. South,
Seattle, WA 98144

The Food Bank @ St. Mary's would like to thank our community Partners and Sponsors.