Unexpected Blessings and Recognitions!

2016-mayors-end-hunger-award-2-2 2016-mayors-end-hunger-award1-2016-1A Letter from a client:

Dear Food Bank @ St. Mary’s,

This is a letter of gratitude to all of you.

Thank you for running the Food Bank @ St. Mary’s so expertly. No doubt you have many challenges to deal with but there is always plenty of food for people in need at your food bank. No one leaves the food bank empty handed. The amount of good you do for the community is huge. Your food bank is a reliable lighthouse for those who need a helping hand a far as food security goes.

Special thanks for finding, hiring, and retaining an able staff starting with the excellent operations manager. No matter what the weather is, or what challenging customers showed up at the line, or when there are few volunteers to help, he makes everything run smoothly. The whole operation seems to be very efficient. The staff and volunteers are cheerful and happy and this reflects on the management and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Please also pass the message of gratitude to all the sponsors. They are invisible to people standing in the food line but I can see some of them mentioned on your website. There must be more of these good people as it takes a great amount of resources to run a place like yours feeding as many people as you do. Please consider making sponsors’ names visible at the food bank if sponsors do not mind.

Thank you again for you good works.


A Grateful client of The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s

In response to this letter and other information provided by those who know of us and our work, The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s and Alison Pence, the Executive Director each received the 2016 Mayor’s End Hunger Award for 2016. We are humbled to have received this recognition from Mayor Ed Murray on Friday, November 18 at the Hunger Summit.

Alison Alfonzo Pence
Executive Director
The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s
206.324.7100 ext.21
fax: 206.324.0050

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