Donations of food and other items for our customers are always appreciated! Below are some much desired items.

Food Items
-canned tuna/salmon/chicken (packed in oil)
-canned stews/soups
-canned vegetables and fruits
-peanut butter
-granola bars
-8-12oz juices
-Ensure or other nutritional drinks
-cup o’ soups
-jams / jellies
-cooking oil
-soy milk

Baby Items
-diapers, especially sizes 3-6
-clothing, sizes newborn-2

Hygiene Items (travel sizes are especially helpful)
-toothpaste and toothbrushes
-toilet paper
-feminine products

Please note: We are unable to accept damaged or unlabeled cans, perishable items, homemade items, noncommercially canned or packaged items, open or used items.

In order to improve our operations and service to customers, we are also currently in need of the following items:

Clean egg cartons. We use egg cartons to distribute eggs that we receive in bulk. Used cartons are fine as long as they are clean.

Printer paper, white and colored 8.5″x11″. We use paper for our every day office operations for things like volunteer applications, reports to our funders, and more. We also use it for our daily food bank operations for labeling food donations and creating informational fliers for customers.

Hand hammer drill. We need a new hand drill to perform maintenance around the food bank.

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