Food Drive/Fund Kit

Thank you for helping neighbors and families in the Central District area! This kit will give you ideas, signs and information to help make your Food or Fund Drive a success!

In a challenging economy, with increasing food and fuel prices, more and more families are struggling with their weekly grocery bill and to put food on the table. At The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s our goal is to provide healthy food and staples for nutritious meals.

To meet our goal of providing healthy foods, our greatest needs are for protein and vegetables! In addition to food drives, a great way to support us is with donations of gift cards for grocery stores (Costco is great so we can buy in bulk) or cash so we can purchase meats and vegetables when needed. Additionally, gas cards are greatly appreciated, as they allow us to keep our van on the road collecting food donations from local stores.

Following are ideas and resources to plan your food and fund drive. You can find links to these to the right:
• Getting Started: Things to think about before you start
• Food and Fund Drive Checklist
• Get Creative: Making Your Drive Fun and Successful
• Getting Involved: Volunteer at the Food Bank
• The grocery lists – our most needed food items
• Food and Fund Drive Report Form

Please drop off collected food, or mail funds to:
The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s
611-20th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144
206.324.7100 x23

You can also help by volunteering! You’ll find information in this kit.

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