Food/Fund Drive Kit

Food/Fund Drive Checklist

  • Decide if you will raise food, funds, or both.
  • Have some fun! Help make your drive fun by sponsoring competitions between classes or divisions or by holding a special event to kick off the drive. (You’ll find some ideas in this kit).
  • Set a goal (i.e. number of boxes, pounds or cans of food, amount of money).
  • Agree on the length of the drive, from a few hours to a few weeks (we recommend two to three weeks).
  • Chose collection location(s). Will there be one or many drop off locations? Be sure to place barrels or boxes in highly visible, high traffic areas.
  • Have a plan for how you will manage collected food during the drive. Do you have onsite storage you can use and drop off food at the end of your drive? Or, will you drop off food at the Food Bank throughout the drive?
  • Decide how you will measure and track food. Do you want to count cans, boxes, barrels or pounds? Will you post a thermometer or some other form of measurement somewhere and update it frequently to show progress to date?
  • Promote your event. Be sure to include event dates, collection locations, desired food items and also where to send funds. If you have prizes or awards, mention those as well!
    • You can print out the posters or grocery list provided in this kit and place them around your office or school.
    • Send email and memos.
    • Place articles in newsletters.
    • Post on internal website, wiki or blogs. local newspaper, mention in an invitation or e-vite,

During the Drive:

  • Update participants about the amount of food and/or funds you have received.
  • Send out creative and fun messages to keep momentum going.

When the drive is complete:

  • Recruit volunteers to help prepare food for transportation to the food bank (i.e. any items in glass jars should be packaged separately, and clearly marked to reduce breakage).
  • Complete the Food and Fund Drive Report Form (found in this kit)
  • Send collected funds (with completed Food and Fund Drive Report From) or transport food to the food bank. Drop off times for donations of food:
  • Monday-Saturday: 8am-3pm
  • Share the drive results with your participants. Send thank you letters or emails, post info on website or in the newsletter. Consider throwing a party and/or passing out special awards to key participants.
  • Be sure to write down ideas for future drives and please share your tips with us!

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