Food/Fund Drive Kit

Get Creative: Making Your Drive Fun and Successful

Keep it fun and lively

  • Spark some competition, pit high school grades against each other, or sorority against fraternity, or department vs. department.
  • Offer rewards to top donors (e.g.: pizza party, gift certificates to local businesses, parking in a prime spot for a week or a month, etc). You may even be able to get local businesses to donate goods or gifts to use as incentives.
  • Encourage cash donations. One dollar can go very far at The Food Bank @ St. Mary’s. It is also easier to store, deliver and count and can be used to purchase important items needed by our Food Bank – such as protein or gas for food pick up.

Get creative

  • Make colorful posters noting key details about the drive (dates of the drive, most wanted foods and statistics about hunger).
  • Display your posters in bathrooms, lunchrooms, classrooms, lobbies and busy hallways.
  • Identify your food drive with a meaningful name, like “Alpha Phi-Feed the Need” or “Garfield Gives” or “Crimson Tide of Compassion”.
  • Decorate bags for participants to take home and fill with food to return.
  • Design a paycheck stuffer with info about the drive.
  • Designate theme days. For example fill a baby’s playpen with formula and baby food. Create a “garden” in the lobby to fill with canned vegetables.
  • Use email, flyers or some other form of communication to share hunger facts (many can be found at

Make it an event

  • Kick off your drive with a fun event, maybe a pizza lunch. You can use the time to be inspirational or informative.
  • Consider a silent auction or a raffle. People get very excited about donating when they might win airline tickets or a message.
  • Bake sales and car washes are tried and true. They do help raise funds and awareness.

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